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Navigating Economic Risks and Continuing to Serve Our Community

Park State Bank & Trust Position Statement

As a local community bank, we hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders which includes our shareholders, board of directors, community, businesses, individuals, families, and bank regulators.

Our shareholders have empowered management to strike a balance between profitability and safety, with an edge toward safety.

Over the last fifteen years, management has purposefully decided to maintain a higher level of liquidity than is customary in most banks. This means that we did not maximize our potential earnings by maximizing the use of capital.

The management team has implemented an organic growth strategy. We are not chasing business outside of our core focus, and we are content to intelligently grow our bank and our capital position.

We re-invest in our local community, as evidenced by our support of local community organizations and causes that promote community vitality. We do not send our community investment dollars outside of our own stakeholders.

Our bank is subject to forces well beyond our community, and we are not immune to national or international decisions or events. Our management team recognizes there are many things out of our immediate control; however, we believe that by staying focused on our mission and prudently managing every area of our bank, we will navigate the challenges that emerge.

During the 2008 crisis, we are proud that we did not lay off a single team member nor did we foreclose on even one owner-occupied single-family home.

We periodically talk to our customers about any excess deposits and the fact that there are several strategies to ensure all deposits are protected. Our list is small, but we are currently reaching out to all our customers with higher balances to make sure they understand their options, and we encourage them to adopt strategies to protect themselves.

That said, we want to make it clear that we are open for business! We welcome working one-on-one with you to determine whether moving your accounts to our bank makes sense.

We are having discussions with community members and businesses who want to be able to meet in person with their bankers. Feel free to reach out to us. You will not experience a high-pressure environment, just a frank and honest discussion. At Park State, our business model is built on relationships.

We will successfully navigate the latest economic risks and continue to serve and invest in our community for many years to come.

Tony L. Perry

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